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Caesarean Delivery: Way To Recovery

Post Partum period, following Caesarean Delivery, can be one of the most challenging times for mothers and families.
Mother is emotionally overwhelmed and physically drained. She needs to allow her body to rest and heal. Good communication with your doctor and support team is very important....

Before leaving hospital
  • - You will be encouraged to get up and try to go to the bathroom with in the first 24 hrs after surgery. This will help start the healing process and get you used to move around with your incision.
  • - Your uterus will begin the “involution” process which is shrinking of uterus to pre- pregnancy size.
  • - You will begin to experience bleeding of bright red blood, Lochia and can continue for 6 weeks. You will need extra absorbent menstrual pads. Do not use tampons.
After going home
  • Your activity level should be kept low until advised by doctor.
  • Avoid lifting anything heavier than your baby.
  • Your lochia bleeding will change over time to pale pink or dark red colour and eventually to yellowish or light colour and may Increase with activity and position change .
  • Make sure to take plenty of fluids to keep you hydrated and eat healthy meals and prevent constipation.
Things to avoid
  • Sexual inter course until your doctor advise it is safe.
  • Use of tampons or douche.
  • Public pools and hot tub.
  • Lifting anything heavier than you baby.
  • Exercise, until your doctor advises it to be safe.
Emotionally care after Caesarean
  • Take additional time to sit and bond with your baby.
  • Get clarification from your health care provide regarding any doubt. This can help eliminate any anxiety you may have.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help. Breast feeding after caesarean delivery is a big challenge.
Report to Doctor Immediately, if:-
  • Fever of over 100.4o F.
  • Severe headache.
  • Sudden onset pain in the abdominal area or incision area with or without any discharge.
  • Foul odor from vaginal discharge
  • Swollen, red, painful area in leg
  • Extremely heavy bleeding that soaks a maxi-pad within an hour or the passing of large clots.
  • Sore, red, painful area on the breast.
  • Feeling of anxiety, panic and/or depression.

Dr. Jiten Sharma

MBBS, MS (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)